Let's Take A Stab At It 

Turns out the good people at Zhong Tai Paper Co., Ltd. in beautiful Qixia, Shandong are trying to talk to me. Much of the merch that arrives at my workplace is boxed in Zhong Tai cardboard, and inside one of the boxes I found this note in some kind of secret code:

The question is, who can crack the code? Who wrote the note? Does the note reveal as much? Will they find this humble webpost?

Yet even more cryptic is the symbol I found on the tape holding shut some glorious Shandong cardboard (blown way up/cat hair):

What does it mean? Is it part of the digestive system? Is it upside-down? My friends across the lake are trying to tell me something with all of these codes/symbols, but only YOU can determine what that is. Guesstimates, in the form of guessays may be required, and maybe if you send me yours I can squeeze one more post out of these Chinese shreds of cardboard and tape.