Let's See If We Can Find Out

Is the soil of LAND saturated seasonally/permanently with water?

Yes; soil of LAND is hydric.

No; soil of LAND is non-hydric.

I don't know/no thanks.

Does soil support woody vegetation such as trees and even certain types of shrubs?

Yes; I am in a dark and moreover very wet forest.

No; the soil is too feeble/creepy to support woody vegetation.

Your LAND is a SWAMP. Here is a list of swamps:

The Great Dismal Swamp

Does soil support tall, wafting herbaceous vegetation, such as grasses, rushes, or reeds?

Yes; I wade through wet and cannot climb.

I'm super sorry, but no.

Is LAND regularly flooded by the tides?

I think so.

It doesn't seem like it.

Your LAND is a SALT MARSH. Here is a list of salt marshes:

Great Rann of Kutch
Little Rann of Kutch

Your LAND is a FRESHWATER MARSH. Here is a list of freshwater marshes:

Dragoman marsh

Is terrain dominated by peat-producing vegetation such as sphagnum moss?

Yes, it is!

Um, okay...

You LAND is a MIRE. Does MIRE's acidic soil decrease bacterial biodiversity such that for example soft tissues of animals do not decompose?

Yes, I saw something down there.

No, the mire skeletonizes animal remains.

Your LAND perhaps is a wet meadow or vernal pool is something. Better luck next time!

Your MIRE is a BOG. Here is a list of bogs:

Bourtanger Moor
Heseler Moor
Großes Moor
Moine Mhor
Clara Bog
Lille Vildmose
Chat Moss
Lindow Moss
Red Moss
Red Moss of Netherley
Whixall Moss

Your MIRE is a FEN. Here is a list of fens:

Wicken Fen
Blo' Norton and Thelnetham Fen
Coe Fen
Deeping Fen
Flag Fen

Sorry, you have any kind of ecosystem except for wetland. Maybe next time!

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