Forget It

Just to remind you of April 15, 2010's post, I give up. I'm washed up.

Hey, I can't even start a webring:

Subject: Hopefully You're Doing Just Fine
Date: Tue, 3 Jul 2012 3:28 AM

Dear Jesse,

As stated in the subject line, hopefully you're doing just fine. I have to say it was a treat to hear from you, a treat so sweet I bought my dentist a trip to the islands. I am doing my best to link to your site as often as I can, and I hope your site is getting as much traffic as my site, though it appears to be owned by some kind of hyperlink website. Turns out I either got a quick half-mill of traffic last month, no biggie style, or made some kind of a monkey out of me. In any case, I'm making sure, in my small way, that the net never forgets, unless of course you'd like it to, in which case get a good look because this is the last time you'll be reading this mumbo jumbo.

Your friend of the sites,
Peter "Daily Doofus facebook suny purchase twitter humor content free ipad smartphone" .net

Subject: RE: Hopefully You're Doing Just Fine
Date: Tue, 3 Jul 2012 3:04 PM

I thought it was spam, haha... I uh, I dunno man.

Life. Its Life. I'm now on facebook with no likes. I will re-get the domain and redirect

It took almost 12 hours to find out I can't even start a webring. It takes the light from the sun to reach earth in less time for crying out loud. I'm getting rid of my precious poems about my dark life, I'm putting them up on the net for the world.

This song pretty much says it all if you also listen while you slowly recite the following poem about being resigned to this crazy thing we call life:

This poem is untitled. So sue me
Lost loves
The past
The passage of time
There it goes
Our troubles...
Our days...
(Chuckle to self)
And our nights...
Some times
That's life

What's The Use