An Impressive Table

Here are six words for you to use for your next sestina: tough, trough, though, thought, through, and thorough. These six comprise a class of words I like to call the “thorought.” Sestinae are known to be pretty tough, so to illustrate my reasoning and to assist you with your poems I’ve included an impressive table that goes over the six thoroughly:

Tough T o u g h
Trough T r o u g h
Though T h o u g h
Thought T h o u g h t
Through T h r o u g h
Thorough T h o r o u g h

You see how 'tough' has to wait its turn, in a way, through columns H, O, and R before it can resume being spelled. The other members of the thorought class all wait at other points as well. They all patiently stay a little longer than is personally necessary so 'thought' can be spelled in its entirety, so it can distinguish itself from 'though' above it with its fancy end-t. These are important considerations to have in mind when you are composing your sestina and sending it to me. I promise you will be rich and famous.

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