People are judging you as meat

Everyone will tell you (with their words, I mean) that being smart is more important than being good-looking.

What most people don't tell you is that for good-looking people, being smart is completely optional (though may not be a very wise choice), and doesn't make much difference with how they're treated by others. Attractive people are usually judged solely on their looks by 255% of the human population, and they don't need to be intelligent to get whatever they want. Unless what they want is for people to stop thinking of them as walking butts. Demonstrating intelligence by anybody is often not very rewarding, and usually alienates and infuriates others. Despite its many benefits, the life of a smart person is far more punishing than the life of a pretty person.

Plain or homely people have a lot to gain by cultivating their intellect. It gives them advantages (better jobs, better education, etc.) and reduces emphasis on their appearance. But on average people get paid more if they're attractive, anyway. If a person happens to be both good-looking and intelligent, revealing the latter trait may put their well-being at risk. People are much likelier to accommodate somebody with whom they want to mate than somebody who may, down the line, confuse them. It is also less likely that an attractive person, throughout his or her life, is ever pressured to think as much as a plain or homely person. If they do find their mind worthy of respect, they must put pressure on themselves. They must put in just that much more effort to discover if people are laughing at their witty banter because their audience finds them genuinely clever, or if they were just imagining them nude the whole time.

In short, pretty people are rewarded for prettiness, not intelligence, and for the great majority of people who arenít bothered by that fact, it is a waste of effort for them to rely on their mind. For the two or three human beings who are begging and begging to be judged on their more permanent and unique qualities, but whose physical features just make people want to mate with them, it is just as frustrating and lonely a life as if they were ugly as a squash. But thatís what they get for being smart.

Oh, yes, except for you. Of course youíre happy and smart.