Why Not Pay Us To Take Your Website Away From You?

This website costs 20 dollars a year to keep up. This is about 39 cents a week, or a nickel and a half a day. A man originating from another continent the other day called me on the phone to suggest that I give Microsoft Corporation my website to develop themselves, which would vaguely expand my business or company. He kept calling it the 'Daily Do-Office,' so I guess I was asking for it.

He was resilient against my allegations that the website was not intended to make money with, and that I considered it more of a joke than a business, but he did offer the "Microsoft does whatever it wants to your website" package for 29.99 a month, which is a mere twenty times more than I am currently paying, but with the added bonus of losing all creative control of the site.

It's too bad I didn't take him up on the offer, as my website is not quite making me the money I didn't expect. At one point this telephone fellow asked me what exactly my business is, since this website clearly doesn't give many clues. But I told him the truth: pizza delivery.

Just Go Ahead And Hire Us To Ruin The Daily Doofus