The Fish Called Hamafoan

The Hamafoan is a species of swordfish living in the North Atlantic ocean. The fish breeds in the summer to live young. The animals' 'swords' are flabby at first, but harden by a year. The hamafoan's lifespan ranges from ten to twenty years.

The origin of the word 'hamafoan' is debatable. The Old Norse word "gamaforn," means "soft sword." The Micmac term for the animal is "humf an," "womb fish."

The oldest hamafoan fossil is kept under lock and key at the British Museum. Hamafoans sometimes venture to the arctic in search of food, but usually stay as far south as Newfoundland.

Each year the hamafoan swordfish die after breeding (the males, that is), and on several historical occasions, hundreds of their swords washed ashore onto many beaches of the North Atlantic.

This is trout-rageous!