There Are Going To Be A Few Changes Around Here

Now that I have your attention, I'm happy to say that it's my honor to introduce a huge number of confusing changes to daily

  1. Major Changes
    1. is committed to bringing you quality content on a weeklyish basis. It is because of this that 'the team' as we like to call ourselves, mandate that you refer to us as 'the team' as well.
        1. The NSA will be notified of scofflaws.
        2. Users will be tracked.
            1. Tracking will take place via external webcam-utilization (we use the webcam on your computerB to 'check in' now and again)
            2. Tracking will also take place by email interception, to hand tailor our advertisements for your needs.
        3. If you're not doing anything wrong, what are you so concerned about?
    2. Don't worry! will still be your source for the best content, humor, and views, as it always has been.

  2. OtherC Changes "My dreams have been both weird and bizarre." - Stephen Slevin.
    1. More live-buffering video content.
      1. Faster ads to help you shop.
    2. More email streams and personalized service.
    3. More, well-- more you!
    4. Privacy is our number #1 one priority.

  • Third Changes