Dreams And Goals

Sometimes I'll wake up at night and have an idea that I need to write down before I fall asleep and forget. Sometimes the ideas are good, and other times in the morning I'll find things like these on my pad:

  1. G powder in burlap sax

  2. Cloud reviews

  3. Mermaid parade

  4. Alemmalie is a color

  5. Rapper - Little Dumpling

  6. Movie in Esperanto "Se Habla Esperanto"

  7. Waggon - any animal with a tail

  8. Tahapajaha

  9. CGI Friday's

  10. Delicious Maple Person

  11. "How it works" pages are ripped out of teleport instrux

  12. I ran around screaming "My pants are on fire" but no one believed me, so they didn't put it out.

  13. If you had a magic power where you never had to go to the bathroom/sneeze/cough no one would notice.

  14. Bell melts when bomb hits it, puddle of metal @ Bottom of tower

  15. Kid's hand gets stuck in his brown paper bag lunch, teacher asks if he could let go of his sandwich - bag falls off kid's hand

  16. "eat @ and tip every restaurant ever for stealing bread & Butter"

  17. "Auntie Establishment"

  18. Doctor – I need to give you a shot.
    Patient – Double-shot?
    Doc – High-shot.
    Pat – That was fun.
    Doc – Easy for you to say.

  19. "Exuri and Exuriant"

  20. Signed William Peter Blatty headshot

  21. "Yesterday Style" Bagels

  22. Dead ship comes into harbor, homicide detective & pals on the pier see. One goes, meets a homicide detective on the ship who is a homicide detective on TV & a ghost in real life.

  23. Reptile Expo

  24. Two Castles face each other, there is an inch between them.

  25. Captain Membrane:
    Little monster with a trunk sneaks into birds' nests and eats birds one at a time as they hatch.

  26. You poor thing, I wish I could tell you even two pies, but I can't.

  27. Diurnal Emission

  28. Julie's Herb Museum

  29. Man-phibian

  30. Strange New Dog – turns out that the narrator's mother gave birth to it and the narrator is the sibling of the dog.

  31. Oatmeal, Porridge, & Gruel

  32. Reverend Windchime

  33. Epicene Festschrift

  34. Golden tear ducts

  35. Trees bear lightbulbs instead of fruit

  36. Band sues several huge meat producers for stealing their songs about meat production for commercials, bodies disappear halfway through trial, all that is left is blood.

  37. Nuclear power plant built over vampire's tomb

  38. Lillet is a girl's name
    Thoughsands and thoughsands of girls are named Lillet.

  39. I'm talking "dozens of dollars a month" –style royalties

  40. Cat cry = cat tears

  41. Dreams plagued with sleep
    (Good dreams that turn out to be false)

  42. Smoke detectors in 10 countries went off

    Forget It