Daery Queen Puts Cow Shit In The Fudge

But like I was saying, I think sexism is good, cute even, because this Dairie Cween commercial said so very clearly. Here are the things that commercial taught my impressionable brain:

1. Men are disposable tools who can be used to get you whatever you want.
I didn't think so before, but just how that little girl wrapped that bumbling idiot boy around her finger so easily, there's no denying how useful man-o-matics can be if you use them just right.

2. Being nice to women is just like getting shot in a barrel.
According to "Dee Queue," it is naive to do nice things for a woman, because the only reason women pay any attention to men is to trick them into buying them things. Any man dumb enough not to be suspicious of a woman's attention deserves to be used.

3. Children should be manipulative and deserve being taken advantage of.
How much clearer can it be? And isn't it all so cute!

I hope these lessons were as useful to you as they were to me, and I'm looking forward to seeing how much this commercial affected the alienation of the sexes.

Don't you love being told to distrust women?