I Wrote The Wrong Thing

Rejection letter fetishization seems to be a historical fact in the lives of a number of successful writers. Using the words of others to festoon my own website has always been a personal dream. Seven is a lucky number. Publishers' names have been asterisk-anonymized. Form rejections were spitefully excluded from consideration.


Dear Peter,

Thank you for letting us see "Knife Soup." We're going to pass on it, but we enjoyed it more than is usual for us, and we look forward to reading more of your work.

****** ****** & ***** ****


Dear Peter Schranz,

Thank you for sending us "Cacta, Or The Second Death." We appreciate the chance to read it. Unfortunately, the piece is not for us. We sincerely wish you the best in finding a home for your work. Please do not look at this as a "rejection." I honestly wish I had more room and resources to publish more writing. I truly hope you submit to Shroud Quarterly again.

Thanks again. Best of luck with this.

******* ****
Shroud Publishing LLC

PS: I truly enjoyed the story and appreciate you thinking of us, I'm just all filled up for a few issues.


Dear Peter Schranz,

Thanks for sending "Taha Pajaha". However, we've decided not to accept it for publication in Ideomancer. I liked the believable period dialogue in this piece, but ultimately we're looking for more character-driven stories. Thanks for thinking of us, and all the best with your future writing.

******** ********
Associate Editor


Dear Peter,

Thank you for submitting "Svargapavarga" under GENRE Short Stories (1001 - 7500 words). We appreciate the chance to read your work. Unfortunately, the piece is not for us. This is largely enjoyable, but does not yet feel as if it were in final form. There are edits to be made ("tardness") and some inconsistencies in tone. We hope to see more of your work.

Good luck with this one elsewhere. Please try us again in the future with a new piece, but please wait at least a week before submitting.

*********** * *****
Black Denim Lit


Dear Mr. Schranz,

Thank you for submitting your short story "Svargapavarga." Unfortunately, it isn't a good fit for Ideomancer.

While well written, This just didn't grab me, I'm afraid.

We wish you the best of luck in placing your story and thank you once again for your submission.

****** *********


Dear Peter,

Thank you for submitting to The Again - we appreciated the chance to read your story. Unfortunately, we're going to pass on this one.

"Embitterment On The Bridge" is a nicely crafted story; we liked the "nearly but not quite normal" setting and characters, and the dialogue. We can't find much fault with it, but competition is fierce and we can't publish them all (which is a great shame).

We wish you all the best with this and your future work.

Kind regards

****, **** & *******
The Again


Dear Peter Schranz

Thank you for sending us "Eel-Thing". I've reviewed the story and decided not to purchase it. I'll say this - it's very well written and I was enjoying reading it very much - I liked the historical setting and the specific scenario of entering the (possible) plague town, and the images like the strange masks the physicians were wearing, I liked the character work and the sudden, moral shifts that were undergone as the ruby was encountered - but, and I feel bad in having to ask it like this, please check this document and confirm with me that this story ends with them recusing the girl and her telling them that her parents and brother (who we know are dead) will reward them with the ruby... if that is truly the ending, than I also have to say that I found the ending too abrupt and unresolved for my tastes - we never found out anything about "Eel-Thing" (which makes making it a mystery seem superfluous), whether it is a plague or something else (supernatural) and while the girl's expression of gratitude at the end is poignantly pathetic (given the reader's knowledge), I feel as if I must be missing some larger implication (as the physicians hardly had anything to do with her relatives' deaths and just scavenged from the bodies). I can't even find a way to tie in the "monstrous birth" from earlier in the story into any reading. Perhaps I'm just missing the obvious?

Regardless, while this story wasn't a fit for us, please do consider us for future submissions.

Thanks for submitting, and I hope my comments have been at least a tiny bit helpful.

***** *******

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