ULTIMATE Diversion

"Sartor Resartus" is Sanskrit for "Figure Out How To Win," and in the first imposition is the inscrutable new game from Fun-O-Rama. You start with a grid with seemingly randomly placed dots, and you begin to fill in prepositional phrases in the squares, such as "of Montreal," "at the drive-in," or "with a mongrel." By forming perpendicular or parallel lines between each dot, by parsing the adverbial phrases as well as the participles some of them might require, by threading these lines through the syntactic maze that they naturally form, and by impressing on the dotted lines the entire sentences that you've created, you will end up with the name of a kind of thread on easy, fabric on medium, and even an entire article of clothing on hard. This is the answer. I have included, to be extreme, an easy and a hard against which you might try your luck.

Don't worry: