Добро пожаловать, русские товарищи

My online analytics have somehow decided that the plurality of my traffic is coming from Russian speakers:

This is only vaguely troubling, so I am telling them that I want more visitors in a way even a Russian could understand, aka "Я хочу больше посетителей."

I hope they're not spying on me, because there's <being sarcastic>totally so much sensitive information on this site, it's just crazy that no one stopped me from posting it all.</being sarcastic>

I took a class about the Russian avant-garde in 2010 and posted my final paper, The Collectivist Conflicts Of Vladimir Mayakovsky on this site. Oh, yeah, that completely gets to the bottom of all this Russian traffic.

But seriously folks, if Russia can beat the USA in a traffic contest then the USA is doing something wrong, in the shape no doubt of logging onto other websites, such as vitawater.ru

Let's hope this razor-thin line I'm walking doesn't set off an international incident, or as they say in Russia:

"Я люблю русский народ"