Voyage Into The Dimension Of The Visions of Slumber

Secret robot gets punched, caps lock is turned on from punch, robot can only yell, and when friends tell him to explain, he yells that he is a robot even though it's a secret, but he can't whisper.

Roadrunner and other dino-type bird hunts, didn't want to shoot them, they were good at twisting into the trees at the right moment.

My dad and I spread catfood in a long loop around the house because it was apparently not flammable, and we were having trouble with fires from outside--one day as I was taking dozens of pictures of myself, my sister appeared and said the house was completely surrounded by flames. The porch was on fire and the catfood was burned up. My mom said "Maybe we shouldn't have Christmas for a while" and we decided to move to Massachusetts, and the plan was to find a house with a cold metal room where, if it happened again, we could put the grandchildren.

Hid Easter baskets in retirement community, find some on summer solstice

Aliens abduct vampire, vampire turns alien into vampire, then alien kills it, then kills entire UFO

A singer/folk dude who sang songs which always started from a place of civilization & ended at a place of savagery--starting in a walk and ending under a tree with only one living branch, long and non-integrated, and directly on the ground below is a red, swollen root, and then say below the root is buried the girl the speaker in the song is accused of murdering. But you and me are right by this tree and we both know very well I could never do that. I took it upon myself to divide the songs of the singer into 2 groups, where the civilization begins in the east, and ends in the savagery of the west, and where the civilization begins in the north, and ends in the savagery of the south. Walking west past forgotten hay bales to the house in the woods where I was born and nobody ever looked inside.

Some monkeys can hoot, but if they put a stick in an ant-hole and eat them, its mouth gets all bit up, other monkeys can't hoot, and have anti-ant bite mouth protection, cf. turtles that eat jellyfish and don't react to the stings.

Dreamed sister and I were arguing about immaculate conception, I was saying it was on purpose, and sister was saying it just happened, & I said her viewpoint was "some people are born with hair, some without; in the same way, some people are conceived with original sin (everyone except Virgin Mary) and some without (just Virgin Mary)" &-what-hm-did-sister say that was a mischaracterization of her viewpoint? She said somethin like, "that's an old error." She said something like "that's the old ghost in the machine error." Whatever her own self-worded correct characterization of her viewpoint was, was indistinguishable from my slanderous mischaracterization.

Bad teen girl action figure w/ switchblade hairbrush, expired condoms (she married an american man) (she is a paleo-scientologist) comes with sharp-winged owl-shaped axe-heads with mini-sluice for blood collection inside eyes?* Comes over your house and sleeps over and you didn't even tell your parents. Dad says he knew he saw something wafting out of the bathroom but he thought it was botanical steam.
*So eyes are red

Taking bugs to a toilet/the ocean so they could swim away, beetles of some sort. Sean W and I walked about a big metroplex type spot. Why was the Flannery O'Conner story about wandering w/ Sean W. around the metroplex so interesting. She made it interesting somehow. I saw a book with pictures of frightening witchcraft in them, like a witch eating a baby whose umbilical cord was still leading into the witch's womb, which tells you how long the baby had been alive--not long--and a picture of a witch on a little wooden boat in a nighttime foggy lake, pointing a wand languidly on a goat-devil appearing over the water, who she was waiting for. The caption of the picture said something about spading the garden under for God.

Angry, evil Bryan Cranston got run over by a train over and over again but just became more and more undead--Officer Lu goes to the St. Sebastiane County Jail to settle a score in the bathroom with an inmate, who escapes? Bryan Cranston is basically skeletal by the time he realizes he's dead, but he can't stop getting hit by trains for some reason, he's addicted to it or it will solve some issue he has, he thinks. Prisoners at county jail call police and ask them for backup against Officer Lu. Police laugh and laugh at the joke.

Tolkien story where man and his daughter lived in a water mill that was under a waterfall and the water would just pour down all over the outside of the house and that's how they'd mill up the flour etc. They went to a part of the house outside under a bridge and the daughter was being bad, or she dreamed she was being bad and the miller pretended the water was too much and he had to open a water vent, and she got sucked through and down into a chute where a red squid was both attacking her and leading her out, to the river, where at least three different play-theaters stood, straddling the river

<--& those are stairs, and she got off at one of them where Gregory Reviewer wouldn't be. Gregory Reviewer was a play-reviewer who wrote a play-review column in the newspaper, and his name had nothing to do with his job, it was just a coincidence--hey what if Gregory Reviewer reviewed the dad's play and panned it so bad that he had to quit playwrighting and become a miller?

Large snake-faced aliens capture Dender and take him before silver, gold &c. -skinned other members--this is on a dim purple desert world. Before he is killed, one of them tells the leader that two of his teeth must be removed, so they rip out his canines, and give them to the leader, and Dender is left alone with him. The leader is looking at the teeth, and is holding Dender basically on his lap, & whispers, "Look--" and the underside of the bloody teeth look like snake eyes, "You've done awful things, but your teeth look just like my poor old mother's eyes, may she R.I.P.--run that way, now, and don't stop running, ever." The leader lets Dender escape so the others don't see him. He runs back in the direction he thinks he was taken from, to try and find his brother's farm. One alien just uses thumb and forefinger to pull teeth, salty tasting thumb and finger.

Lumberjacks cut down a tree in spring, several dozen nests fall out of it and the eggs inside all break open on the forest floor.

Sylvia Plath and her longtime lover Ana Talk decide to crash their little two-seat propeller-plane to protest how they can't get married because they're women. They crash and it makes me so sad--they crash right on the front yard of M&D's house--that I have trouble at work and I try to scream the poem "Cut" but forget the words--I try to scream/recite it to my dad but he doesn't like poetry and this dislike overrides his desire to show my psychological expressions any understanding. Sylvia Plath/Judy Garland same person.

50's movie where Fred Savage tries to find his brother who he thinks is alive but his parents and everyone else think is dead, @ the end of the movie he whittles it down to his brother being @ a hotel sort of room @ the top of a big multi-balcony sports stadium, "if the CD's not there, then my brother's dead, but" where on each floor there's something for a different sport, like hockey rink on third floor. For some reason Fred Savage determines that it would be easier to take the stairs than the elevator, & one of the most famous scenes in cinema history commences, where he goes up all the steps, in a montage where other characters get their just desserts, good characters like poor smart girl in neighborhood gets accepted to college with scholarship, old lady finds all four of her lost cats at once, bully slips on hockey ice, & Fred Savage rushes up those steps while an extremely memorable song of triumph plays--I'm talking the Chariots of Fire song, that spirit, and not just because of the running aspect. By the way this is one of my dad's favorite movies. Finally at the top room Fred finds his brother, who doesn't realize anybody is looking for him or something, and they hug.

Arrive at hotel at 4 in the morning in slush, Victorian manse, pointy-sleeve-puff woman opens window and asks what I'm doing there and I say I have a room, so she comes out with a few other tenants and says she hopes I wasn't expending dinner. "Hoping, but not expecting," I say, so we go in the kitchen and an old lady brings out 2 hot dogs for like 6 people to share and says "Breakfast is served; the kitchen will be closed for 3 years," and one of the tenants asks if she can have--"I'm sorry," the old lady says, "The kitchen is closed."

Dad has underwater sea-mill that's not crushing up the seeds into barley so the daughter tries to find a way to fix it. Basket of seed is partially unground and partially clumped. Dad spends a lot of time working on the mill, but it's an experiment, not anyone's livelihood. Some kind of water mM

Quest Into The Country of Thinking Of Things When You Aren't Awake