Hello Sir Or Madam

Me: My name is Peter, and I am with Clean Water Action. Tonight I'm raising funds and organizing for pretty urgent issues involving our waterways and the safety of our drinking water.

You: That's great!

Me: You bet! Take a look at some of the issues here on my clipboard that we're focusing on this year.

You: (You look at those issues) These are all really important to me.

Me: Well thank God for that, but unfortunately we don't get to vote on them. Our politicians do, and I'm sure I don't have to tell you that our politicians don't always vote in our best interest.

You: I'd go as far as to say that they never vote in our best interest.

Me: Luckily Clean Water Action has a solution to hold them accountable. There is strength in numbers. The more signatures we get, and the more funds we raise, the louder our voice is in Harrisburg, and Washington! That's something you can get behind, right?

You: Well duh.

Me: So if you could put your signature right down here on the old clipboard, and back up your signature with a donation, that would be wonderful.

You: I am writing my signature, and now have finished and am beginning to write my email address.

Me: Is a check okay?

You: Sure it is.

Me: We have a household goal of 120 bucks.

You: That's too much.

Me: No kidding, that's too much for me too. We are 100% community-funded, though, and anything you could give us would go a long way to keep our water supply safe. We like donations in multiples of twelve, because we budget per month, so how's 96? That's eight dollars a month.

You: I guess that's all right or something. Let me get my checks.

Me: Thanks so much (I wait around.)

You: Here you go, a wonderful check for 96 dollars, made out to Clean Water Action.

Me: Do you need a receipt with that?

You: Nah!

Me: Okay, thanks so much!

You: Take 'er easy there pardner.

Me: Have a nice evening.