Purchase College is Sneaky

Its not always sneaky in a bad way. Purchase College indulges its students in grade inflation, so only rarely do I ever get a C or lower on anything I ever hand in, because the professors are afraid Ill be one of those students who will complain about a B+ in much the same way as a little bitch might.

However, since the instructors of Purchase College, in Purchase, New York, assume I want to get away with sub-par work, the trade-off is the likelihood that I wont get credits for work I do at other schools, such as the Montgomery County Community College (MC3). Im talking specifically about Art History: Renaissance to Post-"Imp," which I'm taking this summer to defeat and skewer boredom with St. Georges lance. Boy, I wish I could get the three measly credits for that class. Here is the future conversation between me and the mysterious figures who control whether or not I get credits for something or other:

Purch: Well, Peter Sh Sh Sanchez, it seems you already took an Impressionism class. If you want us to give you credit for your classes, youll have to give us money.
Peter Schranz: Youre right, I did take Impressionism in the Fall, 2008 semester. But the class I took at the Montgomery County Community College (MC3) during summer 2009 was Renaissance to Post-Impressionism.
Purch: Exactly our point, Mr. Sanders. You took Impressionism twice.
Peter Schranz: No, no, Purchase College. The class I took this summer covered the six centuries preceding Impressionism as well. Are you denying me my three credits because the class I took over the Summer overlapped the class I took here by, like, fifty years?
Purch: Thats correct, Mr. Schwartz. We hope next time you will be wiser and pay US three-hundred dollars to take a class. Thank you, and do come again.

Thank you for giving us more money. Please return for a sixth term.