Happy Halloween

Are the following facts about presidents Lincoln and Kennedy coincidences or not? YOU decide:

Lincoln was born on February 12, 1809.
Kennedy was born on May 29th, 1917.

Lincoln was from Illinois.
Kennedy was from Massachusetts.

Lincoln's predecessor was from Pennsylvania.
Kennedy's predecessor was from Texas.

"Abraham" is composed of seven letters.
"John" is composed of four letters.

Lincoln's height was 6' 4".
Kennedy's height was 6' 0".

Lincoln was elected president twice.
Kennedy was elected president once.

Two vice-presidents served under Lincoln.
One vice-president served under Kennedy.

Lincoln's two vice-presidents' first names were Hannibal and Andrew.
Kennedy's one vice-president's first name was Lyndon.

Lincoln's secretary of state was named Seward.
Kennedy's secretary of state was named Rusk.

Lincoln's wife was name Mary Todd.
Kennedy's wife was named Jacqueline.

Lincoln's parents were named Nancy and Thomas.
Kennedy's parents were named Rose and Joseph.

"Nancy Hanks Lincoln" is composed of seventeen letters.
"Rose Elizabeth Fitzgerald Kennedy" is composed of thirty letters.

"Thomas Lincoln" is composed of thirteen letters.
"Joseph Patrick Kennedy" is composed of twenty letters.

Lincoln's resting place is in Springfield, Illinois.
Kennedy's resting place is in Arlington, Virginia.

Lincoln was assassinated on April 15th, 1865.
Kennedy was assassinated on November 23rd, 1963.

Lincoln's assassin's birthday was May 10th.
Kennedy's assassin's birthday was October 18th.

Lincoln's name was Abraham Lincoln.
Kennedy's name was John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

Also everything else.