Please Let Me Dare You

Every damn day* they're asking me to put a comments section on my site: there's only one problem, that I don't even know what an RSS feed is, mainly by lack of trying, and so the opportunity to administer to this request is not available to me. However, I am familiar with e-mail, and with this foreword I finally delineate my official Daily Doofus comments policy:

"If you send me something and instruct me to post it, I will post it and respond to it in a most self-serving manner." I dare you to take part in this policy often enough to render my responses to all comments unfeasible. I confidently assert my ability to counter tens of strange e-mails a week! I'm assuming you're far too scared to write me, mainly because my more realistic assumption that you are simply not interested enough in my effusive webpage to defend against my challenge doesn't preen the ego of my inner world.

Of course, after all, it's like my longtime commenter Anni-Frid Benny Björn Agnetha always says, "The city is a nightmare, a horrible dream. Some of us will dream it forever."

Here is a list of posts built >0% by commenters:

1. Back To Work

2. The 'Sults

3. People's Choice Awards

It's not a long list, but the intrepid Daily Doofus subscriber will notice by exclusion which posts I've written that pretend to boast writing from other people, while these other people are in fact simply fictions. Sneal Couch of Crabs, Nevada, I admit climactically, possesses a form of brain-only existence I like to call "you can't meet him or her."

Stew Foot is behind you, thoe