Bitmap Gallery

Let's get right down to brass tacks and start with pimp.bmp:

This bitmap file was last modified on March 11, 2004, likely after the artist caught the Seinfeld episode "Pimp:"

The artist was fourteen years and basically nine months old at the time, so he probably aspired to be a pimp, so maybe the .bmp was a self portrait?

What makes me sick is that I had to relinquish the last-modified date of the bitmaps to make them the right size, also known as not the size of this, from 4/3/2004:

Although when you download all these good images, the date modified date will of course be right this minute, so there's no way to prove I produced these works at the halfway point of my life so far, and not right now, for this very "listicle," so let's leave the sizes as they are (which doesn't make sense considering what I just said). The above image is dated 4/3/2004, a month after pimp.bmp, which means that, after a month of work, the artist had totally improved so much in how good he was at his amazing skill.

The image below is called dheng.bmp, and showcases the artist's teenaged fascination with rock and roll music:

I think Dheng was the idea for a band name I had on 6/12/2004, or whoever had that idea, I mean, and the above is the transliteration of the name into the Roman alphabet. Earlier interest in musical ensembles is visible in "metal.bmp," from 9/6/2003:

Look at, or "note," the veins on the wrist, which are external, perhaps a reflection of the case of Christopher Wall, a guy who was born with his heart outside of his body, I'm talking about like hanging off of his chest, and who is still alive in his forties and apparently in fine fettle, and whose case, since I learned of it in boyhood, has been for me a metaphor about concealing and revealing emotion.

This file, entitled "I just want attention.bmp," dates to 2/12/2004, and expresses a bout of teenage angst from which I have been recovering for the last thirteen years. I have learned in this time that seeking attention is okay and even sometimes good. I would like to be worthy of good attention. Some people tell themselves that we must avoid drawing any attention to ourselves, or at least come across as avoiding attention, and receiving it all reluctantly and by accident. If that is your point of view, then I feel bad for you.

Originally entitled "Dancing razors.bmp," this file, from April 3, 2004, appears to be some sort of a VISUAL double negative. To shoot a crowd of razor blades to death is actually happy, and I can't get grounded for drawing such subject matter, not that at this point in my life am I interested in socializing except a little bit at school, which location is exempt from a grounding.

Here is "an" historical screen shot from 1/10/2005, only about a month before Youtube appeared, back when web video amusement actually took forms.

The reason I took the screenshot was in case I got the chance to go on a teen date with the alt 2005 style woman in the rocketship advertisement, which makes me bad. There is also evidence in this screen shot of musical interest I now am ashamed of, even though music is unrelated to behavior, which is the only proper container for shame or pride, not that I have any clue, or think that only things like stealing for fun should be considered guilty pleasures.

"Some Dude's Face.bmp" dated 1/28/2005. This picture is what everything looks like to you if you're high on marijuana.

"Meteoron.bmp" from the very late, typo-fueled night of 3/12/2004. This is the artist's unfinished theory about how the Big Bang really happened. (Cf. Ovid, Metamorphoses 1.5-7: "Before there was any earth or sea, before the canopy of heaven stretched overhead, Nature presented the same aspect the world over, that to which men have given the name Chaos.") I think the other meteoron was supposed to be green.

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