Annoyances And Anguish

Do you find that you harbor too few pet peeves? Here are some suggestions to start you off. These are all pretty standard pet-peeves, so you can go on message boards and stuff to meet friends who complain about the same sorts of people. You ought to start your sentence along the lines of "Boy, I just can't stand…"

  1. Yodelers
  2. Mouth-breathers
  3. Pun-sayers
  4. Borat-impersonators
  5. Plant-eaters
  6. Whistlers
  7. Whisperers
  8. Beer-likers
  9. Band name-suggesters
  10. Cat-havers
  11. Elvis-Seers
  12. Smart phone-touchers
  13. Rhetorical question-answerers
  14. Ironic scenario-deniers
  15. Bath-needers

More Irritation To Fester