Download This Dope New Font

If you want, you could download this free font for your next resume or brochure. It's called Mouth Of Ooze Monotype and it's a sans-serif typeface. Here are a couple of pangrams to give you the gist:

Download A Weird File That A Stranger Offers You

After all, keep in mind that with this new font you and your sibling can both, as children, write each other secret messages that at the time, in childhood, inspire in the two of you the glee that your parents, the people who taught you how to communicate, now cannot understand your communications. You'll realize however at the age of fourteen that your parents could not possibly have cared less about the secrets you kept at the age of eight, just as you also realize how lame stupid fonts with your sibling are and how you wish your parents would stop prying into your increasingly perilous life.

Get Into That Whole Experience