L'Estomac Brūlant

Welcome to the Delicious Dish. We have a countless number of delectables to choose from.

Red Cabbage Salad

Our home-made red cabbage is filled to the weeping point with finest-grade red chunks, murmured in a stark juice of health, and thrown in the sink. Comes with a side of utensils.
Aged Popcorn

"Janitors' Choice." This popcorn will sweep you off your feet, and into a broomcloset's worth of cheer. It comes in seven different flavors, caramel, barbeque, duck, chili con carne, cigar, dust, and windex. Your jaw will really "hit the floor" when you eat this stuff.
Fine Gruel

Comes with your choice of lunchroom special (11:15 AM – 12:20 PM only) and salad, or lunchroom special and soup, or salad and soup, or salad and bread, or as a dinner special with your choice of salad and bread, or popcorn and soup, or popcorn and soup and salad, or popcorn and soup or salad.
Seafood Feast In Gravy

Our chef's famous seafood feast in gravy comes with fingerless gloves for that old-world feel. A sinful blend of krill, starfish, kelp, reconstituted whitefish flakes, and between zero and three of the following: copper sulfate, ferrous sulfate, and zinc sulfate will have you purring for more. Pairs well with Pernod.

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