Not On My Watch

The last time I missed a month was January 2010, and that was the last time, too. I realized that I'm running out of time and that if I don't hurry up March 2013 will be the second blemish on this website.

It's almost like a game of Pong that ends in a stalemate:

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If you haven't bought my book, you still have time to write a review based on extra-textual information, such as this site. Below are some templates to get you started. Feel free to give the book five stars:

"A genuine hoot." – Stephen Speilburg

"Each one of the six stories was better than the one that preceded it and the first story was better than the sixth one." – @OfficialOliveGarden

"Don't worry about kid-friendly --- free downlo@d with your reciept" – Clubfoot S. Playhouse < >

"Your standard point-nine incher, good price for wood-glue quality binding, acid-free paper. All around good-ish four-leg stool straightener." -

These are just brainstorms, though.