Your Mother Is In Some Way Imperfect

Finally, conclusive proof that many languages' word for 'mother' is often very similar, even in linguistically unrelated languages. But why? Ask a little baby.

Tune in next week when I prove that 'wolf' is an onomatopoeia, and the week after that when I prove that 'yellow' is not.

Afrikaans: Ma

Armenian: Mayr

Basque: Ama

Belarusian: Maci

Bengali: Mā

Bulgarian: Maĭka

Chinese: Māmā

Croatian: Majka

Czech: Matka

Dutch: Moeder

English: Mother

Estonian: Ema

French: Mère

Greek: Mitéra

Gujarati: Mātā

Hindi: Māṁ

Icelandic: Móðir

Irish: Mháthair

Latvian: Māte

Lithuanian: Motina

Macedonian: Majka

Maltese: Omm

Slovenian: Mati

Swahili: Mama

Tamil: Am'mā

Thai: Mæ

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