Introducing the iBex:

The revolutionary new tool from Successful Computer Company Software!

Finally, you can surf your web and connect to the hottest facebook tweets faster than ever before with a rate-channel of over 3000fpx, chit-chat with friends with our new Robo-Drome® transmosis networking features, watch your favorite shows like NBC's smart new comedy series "The Office," starring Lon Cheney and Don Knotts, all on a 50.0Y polytouch dismoplexi-screen with over eight million text-boops to choose from!

Manage your own personalized text-boop multipanel by texting "give me dat boop" through your iBex megapixel textybexty app to 1-800-MY-BOOPS and get the hottest new boops for only $29.99 a month! For a limited time, get Currently Popular Musical Artist boops automatically billed to your iBex every month!

Make your life just that much more complicated and ignore the world around you while simultaneously finding inner peace with the iBex!

Or Go For A Walk And Remind Yourself What Planet You Live On!