The Officialish lyrics to 'I Am A Horse'

So after a thorough scouring of the ‘web’ I found to my dismay that the words to Ausgang's 1982 classic and powerful -may I be so hasty as to say 'Kafkaesque'- exploration of alienation are missing. On the ENTIRE ‘WEB.’ Can you believe it? If anybody tries to slip it past you that you can find anything on the ‘web,’ ask them to find the lyrics to any Ausgang song but I Am A Horse. I had to piece together the words myself, which are uncharacteristically intelligible for goth rock, and so I boorishly assume that I got it all correct. Anyway, enough of that sort of jabber, and on with this sort:

“I am traveling in a train which is packed. In my compartment every place is occupied by a woman holding a man on her knees. I am a horse.

“All the travelers have an enormous appetite. They eat without stopping. Suddenly the men begin to whimper, and have a longing for their mother’s breast. I am a horse.

“They unbutton the women’s blouses and suck fresh milk to their hearts’ content. Only I suckle no one. And I’m suckled by no one, because I am a horse!

“No one has taken me on her knees, because I’m a horse! I sit upright and tall with my hind legs on the railway seat. I am a horse.”

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