Homophobes Just Kidding Homophones

Just in case:

Aerie Airy
Ail Ale
All Awl
Ant Aunt
Arc Ark
Bale Bail
Barred Bard
Bear Bare
Bee Be
Beech Beach
Been Bin
Beet Beat
Bell Belle
Bier Beer
Bird Burred
Birth Berth
Bite Bight
Bizarre Bazaar
Blew Blue
Boar Bore
Board Bored
Bole Bowl
Break Brake
Bred Bread
Brows Browse
Bruise Brews
Build Billed
Butt But
Cash Cache
Caws Cause
Choir Quire
Claws Clause
Coal Cole
Coal Kohl
Cored Cord
Creak Creek
Crews Cruise
Cue Queue
Daze Days
Dean Dene
Dear Deer
Deign Dane
Die Dye
Discreet Discrete
Dough Doe
Dual Duel
Eaves Eves
Eight Ate
Ewe You
Exorcise Exercise
Eye I
Fair Fare
Fane Fain
Farrow Pharaoh
Faun Fawn
Fays Faze
Feet Feat
Feint Faint
Fir Fur
Fisher Fissure
Flair Flare
Flay Fley
Flea Flee
Floe Flow
Flour Flower
Fore Four
Forth Fourth
Freeze Frieze
Gneiss Nice
Grate Great
Grease Greece
Groan Grown
Guessed Guest
Hair Hare
Hairy Harry
Hail Hale
Halve Have
Heal Heel
Hear Here
Heart Hart
Heal Heel
Herd Heard
Hew Hue
Hoarse Horse
Hole Whole
Holy Wholly
Hymn Him
Inn In
Knight Night
Knot Not
Lam Lamb
Lain Lane
Lair Layer
Lay Lei
Lea Lee
Lead Led
Leek Leak
Lein Lean
Least Leased
Leech Leach
Lessen Lesson
Liar Lyre
Lie Lye
Lode Load
Lone Loan
Loop Loupe
Lie Lye
Maid Made
Marry Merry
Mite Might
Mined Mind
Miner Minor
Male Mail
Mane Main
Maul Mall
Maze Maize
Meat Mete
Moan Mown
Mote Moat
Moor More
Mowed Mode
Mussel Muscle
Mustard Mustered
Need Knead
New Gnu
No Know
None Nun
Nose Knows
One Won
Ore Oar
Our Are
Pale Pail
Pane Pain
Patients Patience
Paws Pause
Peace Piece
Peal Peel
Pee Pea
Pearl Purl
Phial File
Pique Peek
Pidgin Pigeon
Plait Plate
Pleas Please
Plum Plumb
Poor Pour
Pole Poll
Pray Prey
Pride Pried
Prints Prince
Quay Key
Quoin Coin
Raise Rays
Read Red
Read Reed
Real Reel
Rain Rein
Roc Rock
Rode Road
Rote Wrote
Rime Rhyme
Ring Wring
Roe Row
Roil Royal
Rout Route
Sail Sale
Scent Sent
See Sea
Seem Seam
Seen Scene
Seer Sear
Serious Sirius
Sew Sow
Shear Sheer
Sight Cite
Sign Sine
Slay Sleigh
Sleight Slight
Sore Soar
Soul Sole
Stare Stair
Stationary Stationery
Stayed Staid
Stile Style
Strait Straight
Sty Stye
Sun Son
Sweet Suite
Steal Stele
Symbol Cymbal
Tail Tale
Taut Taught
Tear Tare
Tense Tents
Tern Turn
They're Their
Throe Throw
Time Thyme
Toad Towed
Told Tolled
Too Two
Threw Through
Toe Tow
Turban Turbine
Udder Utter
Vary Very
Violence Violins (cam ann)
Vile Vial
Wail Whale
Want Wont
War Wore
Warn Worn
Wart Wort
Waste Waist
Weak Week
Wee We
Weed We'd
Weight Wait
We're Wier
Wheal Wheel
Whey Way
White Wight
Wile While
Witch Which
Whore Hoar
Whine Wine
Wrack Rack
Write Rite
Wrote Rote
Wry Rye
Word Whirred
Yolk Yoke
Yore Your

The following are not homophones, but make a sestina out of them and send it to me:

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