Today in Publicity

Yesterday the hit counter at the bottom of the homepage was at 6753 or so "hits."

Today it's 590,311 "hits." I don't know how, but there's something about the idea that half a million people went on this site that doesn't "add up." How many people even use the internet, anyway? This is a link to someone who couldn't quite decide what to make of this site.

It looks like Angry "The Phoenix King" Jerk thinks I'm just writing to get famous. And while I haven't chosen to live my life by trying to avoid fame, maybe I just enjoy producing humorous essays and images.

It looks like somebody else used a bad word to describe

Where did all those hits come from? Are there just a lot of people seeking a full English translation of De Masticatione Mortuorum? Is that really in high demand?

I think hoaxed me.