It's On The Shelves

Overestimation of the relevance to ethics possessed by the behavior people call 'humble-bragging' makes me afraid to broadcast to those readers composing the spike in traffic resulting from the new webring I share with the webmaster of that my first novel is for sale on suspected pro-Trump website I am desperate to anticipate my possibly-imaginary ill-wishers' annoyance at what a good job I, and I alone, think I did, so I am patting myself super sarcastically on the back for spending about ten years writing, wincing at, abandoning, revising, and peddling Hen Of The Woods (the peddling step of which resulted in what my ill-wishers already know: the traditional humiliation experienced by all those who eventually succumb to the addiction of vanity publishing (which humiliation is AKA the lack of interest in the novel displayed by all agents, publishers, etc. who were exposed to it (the public admission of which is inadvisable from a marketing/long-term success/happiness point of view)))

Epigraph: "We would rather criticize ourselves than not talk about ourselves at all." —François La Rochefoucauld

All the same, if xxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxx is allowed to go on a shameless media blintz to promote hxx awful novel, xxxxxx xxxxxx x xxxx, then I'm allowed to go on a shameful media blintz to promote Hen Of The Woods, in the footsteps of the method perfected by the Internation House of Apple-flavored Blintzes (iBop). I'm supposed to make business cards presenting information, not about me, but about my book, with an instant-download style e-redemption sweepstakes code printed directly on the back. I'm supposed to put the book on Kindle so that if you don't have a book-reading apparatus you can still read Hen Of The Woods.

I'm supposed to write little blurbs of one thousand different lengths, for the dust jacket, the back cover, the description, the index catalogue of eight seperate and non-coordinating warehouses, &c., but I choked and instead I ripped off what my copy of The Broom of the System did, and I just put a paragraph straight from the book on the back because I am worse than you.

I Sincerely Think It's A Good Book But Nobody's Allowed To Admit That Sort Of Thing In Our Society Apparently