Questions Google Can't Answer

"Why don't surgeons use transubstantiated wine in life-saving blood transfusions?"

"Why does God miraculously heal cancer patients, but not amputees?"

"How come you have to take religious texts literally before becoming an opponent of evolutionary theory?"

"Why do dolphins save people from sharks if they don't have a religion?"

"Why does the sentence 'I am going to save humanity from original sin by being crucified' not appear in the Bible?"

"If Judas hadn't betrayed Jesus, thereby preventing the crucifixion from happening, would he have done a good thing or a bad thing?"

"How does Jesus show his love for evil people?"

"Why isn't having faith that someone committed a crime admissible evidence to convict them of the crime in court?"

"Why does God tell people with contradicting beliefs that they are both correct?"

"Is God more concerned with which football team wins the Superbowl, or which child dies of starvation in Somalia?"

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