Crack Open The Cake

I hate to break my twenty-five day post-fast, but I had to do something since this is the fifth birthday of my first post, "Being Smart Is Stupid," which I put on here at the brief age of twenty years and ten days. The problem is it isn't my best post-- somehow none of these are my best post-- but since there weren't any before it it is automatically noteworthy, to say the most. Now I have to enroll this site in kindergarten or a social worker will slither into my life. Into our life. Into our lives.

Believe it or not I found in the scum at the top of my tea a morning ago the profile of a sleeping ghoul. Suddenly after drinking the whole tea I get my meals nine times out of ten from the fruits of the churchyard unfortunately:

Here is a list of fictional mannerisms and peculiarities:

  1. Spends Saturdays practicing C.P.E. Bach clavichord etc.
  2. Doesn't wipe night-formed eye-crusts; lets them fall away along the day.
  3. Instead of "brutality," "magnanimity," "humanity," etc., says, "brutalitude," "magnanimitude," "humanitude," etc. Tendency doesn't extend to other nouns like "calamity," "university," "authority." I didn't know the word "magnanimitude" was wrong because I'd never heard the word "magnanimity" before. I deduced the correct word when I heard the word "brutalitude" uttered as of course I knew the word "brutality." I falsely deduced when I heard the word "pulchritude" uttered that it was really "pulchrity."
  4. Listens to "Die Fledermaus" on the way to a new house where can really taste a sale.
  5. Sticks tongue out for fun when sitting in the doctor's chair for weekly intravenous infusion. Infusion increases blood pressure because there is only so much space in blood vessels. Sticking out tongue feels as though pressure is being released.

Here are five comments from youtubed Cocteau Twins songs. Let's all be honest with each other, and I'm talking full-on drum circle/sleepover style honesty right now: most Youtube comments are not even worth writing as much of a description about as have already appeared so far in this sentence. The one exception is comments to Cocteau Twins songs.

Fluffy Tufts
"I remember listening to this cassette on a long train ride through a winter's day, and it fit the landscape like a glove..... I still try to replicate that calm frame of mind, every once in awhile, by taking that same trip, and listening to my MP3's of this collection." - Jamallus Shacoude

Peppermint Pig (7 inch version)
"Piggy's like this when she won't share her aero. i say it's not just full of air you know. then i make videos in my mind, though not like 'the real thing' that you do. you're so skilled. is that my country house?" - flaxlawna

Blue Bell Knoll
"A.T. from Birchfield Birmingham never never forgotten, not for all my life, my friend of friends. God willing we shall find each other again. Amor aliquam viam inveniet."

"a few years back, i was at this club and i met this cute girl and she said her name was cicely and i said, that's a great name because one of my favorite songs is called "cicely" by the cocteau twins off the treasure album...and she's says shut up! I say why? and she pulls out her license and her name is Cicely Treasures. true story" - Ursa Diminished.

I couldn't find the other one. It was about looking, during a snowy Scottish '84 Christmastime, through the upstairs window while Treasure played.

Please do not read the comments I did not choose to share.