Fear 'N' Panic: The Mystery Of Horror Mountain

What Are The Names Of These Films have done it again, aka topped eight views on youtube with their latest chiller, "Fear 'N' Panic" etc.

For those of you who have never seen what it is like to enter a ghoul's cove, you may want to brace for an impact with that exact experience:

This is Youtube's sorry transcript of the movie:

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4:59 clearly
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5:15 handshake spell
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5:20 lindsey richard lewis surreal before i reiterate
5:25 not bob mondello mare
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5:33 ballot
5:34 fourteen to see
5:37 but wind need there
5:40 but love
5:41 bear
5:42 who's still it be
5:47 that's easy to talk with three eighteen
5:52 you'll get
5:56 rebel half
5:57 worried physically
5:59 unlike the needs
6:01 faults death
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6:15 the lol
6:21 the answer is yes
6:22 and no
6:24 and maybe
6:26 i don't know them all
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6:40 bowling cac
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6:46 no cannot with all travel to leave
6:51 lol untrustworthy start
6:58 about
7:06 it was you all along
7:09 why
7:10 because like curry being lost three
7:13 there with their neighbors david really ma haven
7:19 not this time i think not
7:42 dean in
7:46 hand-in-hand he
7:58 the the
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8:16 the
8:29 noon
8:32 being
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9:12 being
9:15 the
9:21 going
9:51 in a minute
10:13 demanded
10:16 the hang in there
10:20 the
10:23 you have you yahoo

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