Should I Get Doxxed

Everyone online who has become more politically active because they are not yet convinced about the current US president got all their private documents doxxed like their home address and the species of their pet fish. Here is my HIGHLY CURATED self-doxx, to immunize myself against all the law-abiding citizens/harrassment- and cyberstalking-commiters who are mad at me for being so bad:

Google Searches:

snakefinger man in sedan
verba seniorum
life of isidore damascius
on cinema season 9
broom of the system pdf
Dang's Auto Repair, 66 W Passyunk Boulevard, Philadelphia, PA 90210
"he procured a bundle"

I am not a deep political thinker, but I know that these ten innocuous google searches accurately reflect what I do online except for when I searched for **** ***** ***** **.

The point is you should download this unscanned .bat file I've attached to get to everything mean I said about the president, whose name I am afraid to write.

The .bat file is actually a virus that infects the user with the Arian heresy despite all the labors of Saint Athanasius to rid the world of the thing. I didn't want to say it in the first place because I wanted it to get downloaded by the alt-right, who are known for downloading files hastily. I'm very afraid that my lighthearted tension-easing in the shape of dallying about the naughty wharf of baiting bad internet people will actually make me a victim, but I have a very atrophied social media presence because of a previous episodes of anxiety in 2009 when I realized I could determine, to an excruciatingly fine degree, the level of life-satisfaction possessed by those who wished me ill, or worse, had no strong wishes one way or the other about me. Normally that level was "off the charts." What I'm trying to spit out here is that I am under the false impression that the alt-right only goes on giant wealthy websites likes twitter and linkedin to hurt people's feelings and make them less safe, because low-traffic style DIY websites are not motivated by profit (which is against the alt-right religion), plus you have to actually email me which is too intimate for the anonymity of the web to shield you from the guilt in your corazón. However, since it's like pulling teeth to get more than two or three of my trusted compatriots a day to log into, I can only imagine that anyone who thinks I ought to be doxxed for being correct online will probably need over a million pairs of dentures if I actually get them to log in for the purposes of hatred.

Nobody tries curses anymore, but I could try to curse anyone who tries to doxx me more than I have doxxed myself:

"For IF you seek to cause me ill,
I'll not be bad, but someone will:
Sabellius, Arius, and other 'tics
Will connive to see which heresy sticks.
Please let me get away with this
I'm so scared of fighting online
That you'll be lost in the abyss
For being mean to me, a crime."

That ought to take care of any hate mail problems. My friend said that if you act weird when a stranger wants to cause you violence, you might get away unscathed. For example if you are getting robbed at gunpoint, sing If My Complaints Could Passions Move as interpreted by noted countertenor Alfred Deller while you obey the robber's every command. It probably won't work and everyone is better than me for knowing that, even though I like the idea because if you kill someone who's singing that sad song at you, you're probably sealing the final flap of a super-convoluted curse, and how can anyone not understand this notion as clearly and fully as such Christological concepts as homoousios, homoiousios, and dyophysitism.

Ultimately I would like to test whether this principle, if indeed it's even sound in the first place, translates to soundness on the web: does a person who wants you to think that he or she commands the power of curses receive more, the same, or less hate mail/murder attempts from the alt-right than a person who simply offers cogent and invulnerable criticism of the president whom the alt-right claims to worship as a deity?

"It Wasn't Me"