Make One On Your Own

  1. You will need this group of items, which should have been included:
    1. F-screws
    2. Two dozen joists
    3. 5/16" all purpose welding glue
    4. contact wires
    5. convex flanges

  2. You should have four screw styles. Take one of the two-style screws and find the backslide of the first panel. There should be a green or red starter that you can turn in or out. Do that now:

  3. You'll need at least two three-style screws to put your panels up. Screw them through the backslide until you feel a tick. This should be the outer panel locking the backslide towards your screwdriver. To test this, make sure the plug is ready and twist:

  4. Turn the small lock that appears counter clockwise. Flip it through the backslide until it issues:

  5. Tag the joists towards the left panel and look for the stock, within the red circle in the picture. Thread the flanges through the stock and you're all set!