The Winners

21. "We arrived in the midst of a storm."

20. "Come early, we're serving at six."

19. "She bounced into the room."

18. "Pursued by shadows."

17. "An object of curiosity and pity."

16. "A throng of memories."

15. "His silence is equivalent to an admission of guilt."

14. "The language of flowers"

13. "The mud adhered to his shoes."

12. "A tasteless director of stale, dreary films."

11. "Reaching out a hand in greeting."

10. "A manner that was formal and austere."

9. "Lack of money; lack of skill."

8. "The world worships success."

7. "A beauty marred by neglect."

6. "Her way is to work quietly and never complain."

5. "Her back was toward me."

4. "Who goes there? Friend or foe?"

3. "It was simply a question of time."

2. "It rained all night."

1. "To stand weeping amid the ruins."