Come To Me With Your Mouth Complaints

In case anybody forgot, I am the biggest dentist on the face of the earth. Morning, noon, and night, I eat, sleep, and sweat teeth, gums, and tongues. Here is a photo of me at work:

This patient unfotunately had as many teeth as I have toes for crying out loud, but due to my skill at that sort of thing, the guy came in, went under, came over, and left with at least 28 teeth in his festive mouth.

If that doesn't prove it to you I'll discuss the recent paper published in the peer-reviewed dentistry journal Mouth, called, "Varieties Of Bicuspid Decay And Reaction."

I don't want to bog you down in jargon, but my overall argument was that bicuspids, and to a lesser extent cuspids as well, decay under conditions that noted maxilla specialist Richard Plotkin describes as occlusal formalism. This has been widely regarded as a buccal restructuring of much of upper jaw theory, but it is not without its proponents besides myself and Plotkin. Do read up on the matter, as its implications are far-reaching.

In case you find such things relevant, I definitely live in Portland but possess a variety of excuses as to why we cannot meet.

Feel Free To Mouth Off