Who Were Your Friends?

Here are four of your ex-Facebook friends. I know it hurts, but you can always email me your rejoinders.

Dagobert L'Egarm defriended you on April 1, 2003, and left the following message:

"The reason is because ain't no good/late on payments/stinks"
Todd and George Cuck defriended you on February 14, 2010, offering you this note:

"It's been great being your friend after all these years, honest, but time's up. Ding ding ding. That's the alarm clock of your life. Are you awake yet? We really can't, , we can't. Not online anyway, but we'll be over with a jar of candied plums tonight to carry you through your grief."

Toada Frogson defriended you sixteen hours ago, leaving this message:

"If I had a choice between getting robbed and having a single day without , I would definitely go with the latter.
Guster D'Hoboken is about to defriend you, and gives this rationale:

"Have you ever noticed 's bad, bad neck? That's all it takes for me, honey. Those are my needs."

The opportunity for revenge has slipped through your fingers