The Daily Doofus's Official Literary Magazine Is Now Soliciting Submissions

The Daily D.D. is just a bunch of starry-eyed folks with a passion for high-quality speculative fiction and poetry. The speculative gives us a better understanding of what is real, through masterful storytelling and superb genius. We want your writing to wow us, and to wow our readers. "Wow" is the magic word. We highly recommend reading what we've already published before you submit. If you fit this category, send your work along.

What we're looking for

Quality speculative fiction and poetry. That means NO nuts-and-bolts sci-fi, sword & sorcery, microfantasy, etc. We buy first-run rights, which means NO REPRINTS PERIOD! If your work has appeared anywhere other than your own house, that means in a twitter/RSS feed, on your personal webpage, anywhere EVER, then we do not want it. No multiple submissions, no simultaneous submissions. Send us your very best.

What we're not looking for

Realism, slipstream, true-crime, weird west, high fantasy, cyberpunk, "they were aliens all along," fairy erotica, space opera, "slashers," grossout-werewolves, urban fantasy, urban sci-fi, etc.

Submission Guidelines

Daily D.D. buys speculative poetry of nine lines or fewer, and short stories between 1,000-5,500 words. Anything longer or shorter than that will go in the trash. That means a 999-word story goes in the trash, and that means a 5,501-word story goes in the trash. We have a word-counter, and we will use it on your story, so don't try to be cute.

Manuscripts must be formatted in either Poor Richard or Courier New fonts (NOT COURIER we can tell the difference). You must place a header on every page and they must include the following: your last name, the page number, and the first two words of the title (If the title is fewer than two words The Daily D.D. may not be the best fit for your work and we wish you good luck in placing it elsewhere.)

Send submissions as a .bmp attachment to [editors at]. Attachments must be between 600kb and 4mb, and the file must be your first name and last initial, with proper capitalization (eg. FrankB.bmp). You wouldn't believe how many stories we get that are just called "dailydoofus.doc." You know you're not one of those people, so don't act like it. Include in the subject line your name (last first, first last) whether it is fiction or poetry, and the title of your story, in all caps and separated by a Sheffer stroke (BUNE, FRANK | POETRY | I HID MY FAKE TEETH IN YOUR HOUSE). In the body of your email include a cover letter only partially in caps addressed to Frank Bune, the editor-in-chief, with a 60-62-word bio, the titles of at least two of your previous publications, how much money you got for them, and the word count of your story or poem rounded to the nearest five or six.

Response time is normally between ten and twenty months; feel free to query after that.Let's read that poem.

The Daily D.D. is not currently a paying market, but we're working to change that.