Let Me Go As My Father

Or more precisely, let a photogram of me go as this 1977 photogram of my father:

It shouldn't take more than a minute to explain how, during All Hallows' Tide (which this year falls on 10/31/2016) photograms dress up as old fashioned photograms, such as those of witches, warlocks, ghouls, devils, mummies, ghosts, wizards, cartoon characters, political hopefuls, and hamburgers.

Here is the photo of me in its Halloween costume, designed by talented successful famous young photography guru Lauren Poor:

Just to get some spooky pumpkin-flavored admin out of the way, technically the strict one-update-a-month policy enforced upon the staff of the Daily Doofus family is once a named month, not once every 28-31 days. So for example the staff is allowed to update on March first and then April thirtieth. As long as every month is given its showcase, the Daily Doofus will not have become in any way inaccurate.

I want to congratulate American novelist Paul Beatty for winning the Man Booker Prize for something funny. I thought literary prizes were only awarded to painful memoirs with names like "Let Me Go As My Father," where the author refers to his or her father as "Dad" instead of "my Dad," as in "Every Saturday, Dad would take us fishing at his favorite baseball park," as if there is only one person in everybody's life who is called "Dad," and that person is the father of the author of "Let Me Go As My Father."

Should My Website Get A Prize???????