To The Dear Readers of Daily DD Lit. Mag.

It is with heavy hearts that we here at the Daily D.D. say that our magazine is now permanently closed for submissions, because nobody bought any issues. Of course, our flagship operation, The Daily Doofus will still be bringing you fortnightly-ish updates, but as for our literary magazine, well, in the words of poet laureate Thomas Hood:

His death, which happened in his berth,
At forty-odd befell;
They went and told the sexton, and
The sexton tolled the bell.

And much as unto he whom it was who the poet was bespeaking, the Daily D.D. is now defunct. Thank you all so much for following our submission guidelines for no money, and, in the case of just 45 percent of all rejections, no response at all.

Before we shut the doors of the Daily D.D. factory once and for all, and funnel you people back to the Daily Doofus, we leave you with one of Editor-in-chief Frank's favorite submissions, which I think got accepted but I'll have to check. This is a haiku sequence with that kind where there are the right number of syllables in Japanese but not English, and it was penned by either Gerald Yoast or Yves Garme if memory serves:

The water droplet in the river
How it glistens but if you ask me
Even a water is a stranger in a river

Elder river, O frogs on the lilypad
Ne'er do ye succumb to the water
Do you forget, your eggs are therein!