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We all know this dating game is fraught with mystery and worse, which may turn out to be a blessing in disguise considering the fact that certain elements feel that romantic attachments are not featured in the evolutionary level above human. But for everyone else who can't manage to meet humans who want to go on human dates there is a panoply of dating websites to choose from.

Let's say you're not even suave enough for online dating, though, and that real-life friend-finding is proving just as difficult. Let's say right now you'd settle for a nothing more than a chum to visit with and then when it gets late you split up and go to sleep. Where the heck is the site for that? At

Okaychums is your one-stop for-profit friend-meeting website. If you play your cards right, you may just be able to enjoy some of the following:

Activities involving more than two people
Sibling-style relationships
Brief, practical telephone conversations
Non-intense emotions
Cold hands

Many of our members can't shut up about, or the unusual hobbies and compulsions that drove them there!

Have some testimonials:

I went to my friend's house, username Thoraxluvr2x3, where he showed me every insect he'd ever pinned into a display case. I liked some of them but I would have preferred Star Trek.

I joined because their slogan is from Kurt Vonnegut who I talk about so much I make people think he's a bad writer.

I didn't realize that once you make a friend the website deletes your account.

I like the idea of making friends, but I'm terribly afraid of other people. This is perfect; thank you Chum website.

good luck