I Don't Know What People Put

As it falls out Amtrak has this writing residency where they pick 24 writers to go on a train and write. I signed up but they make you put in your twitter.com URL which I didn't have before but just made because let me on that train. "The ideal candidate will possess strong writing skills as well as extensive social media connections," is what it says in the official terms. As you may know social media gets a lot of flack at this website because I don't understand any of it for the most part, so while I can't say for certain whether I will be among the twenty-four applicants out of 8,000+ who get to sleep in a bed on a train and write meterless poems about the rails of this great nation, maybe with a hobo reference or two, I can say that if I don't think of some more things to post on my twitter page I'll probably be hitchhiking if you know what I mean.

Due to this historical paucity of wit, I will be accepting from my attractive readers various inspirations, in the shape of brief-as-owt poems in the aforementioned beat-style American travel ballpark, format writing exercises like you have to start with one image and end with another, full-on plagiarizable twitter posts, &c. My email address is rugtimxii@comcast.net

As a brightsome award in case I do end up climbing aboard the train of success and enduring contentment, I will be offering to all participants the proceeds of the scrap metal I pick up by the train tracks on my journey. This sub-contest is precisely the way to unravel and in no way confuse this skein of motives possessed by Amtrak, Twitter, me, you, and other writers in having any part in this residency.

Acceptance Rate Currently 160%