Have a Migraine

I used to get the worst migraines Iíd ever heard about. You know, the works: the vomiting, the deathwish, the gigantic vacuum cleaner on the bridge of the nose. So far, they rank among the worst experiences of my life.

That might sound crappy, and it is. By God it is. But somehow a migraine is so utterly awful, so completely unbearable, that when you wake up the next day, both alive and with a sinusful of painlessness, itís almost worth it. Even now, Iím currently enjoying not having a migraine. You feel so horrible when you get them that comparatively you feel amazing at all other times. If you ever lock your keys in your car right before you discover a ticket on the windshield for parking in the faculty lot, ďat least,Ē you can say with sincere delight, ďI donít have a migraine.Ē

Nowadays, theyíre not really as hardcore. I havenít retched from a migraine in years, and I havenít screamed from one in about as long. I kind of miss the old days, though. I miss feeling like a million bucks when I woke up after a night of sinus-horror which flowed seamlessly into nightmares of my skull being bashed to death by the apes of hell. But failing to get awful migraines anymore doesnít suck that bad, I guess. Feeling like a million bucks isnít so great. I donít know, itís both.

Whatever, just forget it.

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