You Know, You Give It Your Best Shot

It's not looking good for the likes of Hen Of The Woods, which isn't really a teen romance or whatever "Swoon Reads" wants. I can't remember how it works for them but whatever is going on is probably not in favor of my novel.

You can't judge a book by its cover, but you can judge a book by its first sentence or two. Here are those from the books in the same league as Hen Of The Woods (Dystopic Adventure). If you are the author of one of these first sentences and wish to have your work removed, please e-mail me and I will promptly scrape this free advertisement off of my zero-traffic-style weblog, benefiting you:

1. "Jezebel, you must not laugh." From Solstice by Jane Redd.

2. "For her thirteenth birthday, Theo's sister Annie asked him for a hand mirror." From Hen Of The Woods by anonymous.

3. "My mom would leave him here to die." From Child Of Destruction by DelSheree Gladden.

4. "A piece of metal that I'm not fast enough to dodge slices up my thigh, and shit it hurts." From Class Three (The Black Comet Chronicles, #1) by Ella Preuss.

5. "HI. I BET YOU'RE WONDERING IF I'M GOING TO BE BLABBING ON ABOUT SOME STUPID GIRL PROBLEMS that no one, not even us girls, like to hear." From Hunted by Jessica Martin.

Well, I gave it my best shot. It's like my Grandpa always says: "a swing and a miss is still a swing." I'd like to end with a song.

Take me down to the ball park.
Take me down to the game.
Let's have a snack of cracker jack.
Who even cares if we even go home?
For it's rooty toot toot for the ball team,
If they don't win, it's a game.
And a one, two, three times we went
To the base ball park.