Band Names That I Insist You Use Until Every Last Bleeding One Of You Is Either A Douchey Millionaire Or A Dead Junkie

Human Dewlap

Grandpa's Sidekick

The Jackal Hut


I Hate My Band

Moon Hoax

Female Merman

Hydra Guillotine

Lenin & The Bolsheviks



Frank Fake & The Fictional Band Members

The Space Puds

Citizen Spank

Space Feast

Injured In The Throat

The Vein Men

Aggro Crag

Empty Mall

The Dirt Burgers


Camp X-Ray

The Guzz

Swine Hog

Mr. Bean's Girlfriend

Adverb Alert


Nine Accidents

The Sphinges

The Curse of Kehama

Dead End

Saint Vincent & The Grenadines

Three Sneezes

The Apes of Hell

Soylent Human

Brain Moron

Biker Death

Egyptian Rat-Screw

Northern Local Supervoid

Dumpster's Children

Sabre Dance Daredevil

Wiwaxia / We Wax Ya

Thumb Succor

The Omega Males

Dead Ghost

Lewy Body

Death Rattle

The First-Rate Rascals

The Animal Health Institute

The Internet Websites

Public Napkin

Bears Bears Bears Bears Bears Bears

Going After Strange Flesh

Space Death

Bearded Stranger & the Young Boys

Yawn Contagion

Of Imitative Origin



Death Witch

Vegan Meat

James Fecundler & the Army Bundlers

Old Worm


Freak Show


Nutmeg Nightmare

Female Theologian


The Death Panel

Mushroom Cloud

Hieros Gamos

Nearly Ten Thousand Mules

The Sea Vampires

Dick Cappuccino & the Bathtub Boys

Vocals & the Instruments

The Nose Boys

Zombie Dungeon

Abducted By Aliens

The Weerdinge Men

The Beetles

Power Mad

With Tongue

Teenage Voodoo

Sluggish With Goat Meat

The Brain Harmers

Devil Death

The Limit


The Bouyant Teabags

Planet Skull

Death Trap

Jolly Thomas

Forrest Pump

The Speed Pumps

The Scarlet Pumpernel

Pump Truck

Iíll definitely put more once I think of them. Once I do, as an added bonus, Iíll also get rid of these sixty-one, just for you!

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