The Tracks

Rapping outfit "The Bad Word Boyz" have just released the words at least to several of the bands on their new record "Several Exercises." They gave the words to me. I don't like rap very much but there's something about these boyz that really keeps you tuning in again and again.

Indoor Cycling

My favorite drinks include alcohol.
I like to play a game called basket ball.
Last time I played I earned a hundred points.
Clubs with crazy drinks are my favorite joints.
Everybody tries to get my autograph.
Michael "Kramer" Richardz always makes me laugh.
If you want to make a tv show more child friendly
Follow this protocol & you'll be a-okay:
Instead of people having sex, just say they got married.
Death = they went to prison -- it's way less scary.

Ideal Power Pump

I have fans in Pyongyang and fans in Seoul.
I hope one day to see the peninsula whole.
What can we do to achieve this goal?
I wish I could say, the questions aren't easy.
Two years ago I worked on a farm in Maine.
They had chickens and piggies so sweet it's insane.
My favorite kind of weather is a gentle rain.
Light gray skies and some herb tea.
Chamomile, peppermint and **** like that.
Fried peanut eggplant to get big and fat.
That's Chinese style, but Indian style's good, too.
Baigan Bhartha's a tasty eggplant-garlic goo.
In Europe eggplant's often called aubergine.
I went to the club and I made a scene.


My mom bakes a right proper pumpkin pie.
Mess with my family & I'll see that you die.
I went to the pet store for to buy a cat,
But they were all so cute I couldn't handle that.
Now I have something like a dozen kittens.
Winter's coming on so I'm knittin' 'em mittens.
I met a little rabbit named Mohassem Wuck.
He and his wife didn't give a cat's whiskers.
We did a little dance called "The Cup Of The King,"
It was a buttload of fun & I'd say it's my thing.

Power Cardio

Your parents are greasy, go feed them some hay.
I drink chamomile in the month of May.
I got a clipper, a sloop, a yacht and a barge.
I committed a crime and now I'm at large.
Believe it or not, I'm the best in the busi' has many a humourous quiz
Compassion's the best virtue a human can possess.
I went to the club and I made a big mess.

Militar Training

My name's Little Dumpling and I'm here to say
I'm the best transcriber in the U.S.A.
Recorded or live, I'm the best one alive
But you better be intelligible because I have a knive.
I was parked by a gym and I read the sign.
"Militar Training only nine ninety nine."
There were six others and I memorized them.
But I didn't go in because gyms are for chumps.

Just a taste