"All The Deeper"

So holy cow, those of you who’ve been keeping up to date on the latest news concerning "I Am a Horse" (b/w “My Hair”) the 1982 single by Ausgang (then known as Kabuki) will be astonished to learn that they're pretty much just reciting a poem written in 1934 by Belgian man Hans Arp called, similarly, “I Am a Horse,” or “Je suis un cheval,” as it was originally written in some sort of gibberish. I’ve featured an impressive table for purposes of comparison.

Aus Arp
I am travelling in a train I ride in a train
which is packed. that’s packed
In my compartment in my compartment
every place is occupied by a woman every seat is occupied by a lady
holding a man on her knees with a man on her lap
I am a horse
the air is unbearably hot
it’s a tropical atmosphere
all the travellers all the passengers
have an enormous appetite have a gigantic appetite
they eat without stopping they eat nonstop
suddenly the men begin to whimper suddenly the men begin to whine
and have a longing for their mother's breast they want to be breast-fed
I am a horse
they unbutton the women’s blouses they unbutton the women’s bodices
and clutch their breasts
and suck fresh milk to their hearts' content and feed on good fresh milk
Only I suckle no one only I do not suckle anyone
and am suckled by no one nor am I suckled by anyone
no one sits on my lap
and I don’t sit on anyone’s lap
because I am a horse for I am a horse
No one has taken me on her knees
because I'm a horse!
I sit upright and tall I sit up straight and big
With my hind legs With my hind legs
on the railway seat on the railroad train seat
I am a horse
and prop myself up comfortably
with my forelegs
I neigh loudly hnnnnn
on my chest the six buttons
of sex appeal shine
nicely aligned
like the shiny buttons of a uniform
oh the world is small
oh cherries are big

I am a Doofus