Love Poems by Marine Animals

Brittle Star

I simply canít resist your charms,
so grasp me now with all your arms,
and undersea we bothíll squirm,
you beautiful echinoderm.
Donít fear, my little brittle star,
no star can tear us from our dance.
Youíve got the longest arms by far,
and other stars donít stand a chance.

Ozark Cavefish

The water tastes, when youíre aroundĖĖ
itís all I know, since I canít seeĖĖ
like it was made to fish astound.
So wonít you come and follow me?
Iíll lead you where we two can spawn
from break of dusk to break of dawn.
Ainít got no eyes and this is true,
but who needs eyes when I got you?

Scaly Doofus