Hapie August

In honor of this, the eve of August 2009, Iíd like to wish you all a happy new month, and talk a little about this momentous, though common occasion. Months are my favorite change in the year. There arenít many of them, so they take a while to change, but they always go by fast enough that I donít get used to them. August already? But itís only been July for a few weeks!

I like months the best because days and weeks are too short and they change all the time so I get used to them. I like months better than seasons because seasons are really gradual, and for half the year itís like youíre stuck between a fat, old, dying season and a whiney, stinking, infant season on the bus. But months change seemingly overnight, theyíre something you can celebrate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blow open some champagne, Iím feeling ratherÖ august tonight!

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