I want to date Madame Bolduc

Mary Travers, otherwise known as Madame Bolduc, was a Quebecois musician who sang the jolliest songs ever sung. She has everything I’m looking for in a girl. She has a really resilient attitude, as she was singing her silly tunes, such as ‘I Have a Button on my Tongue’, and ‘A Little Gentleman With a Pointy Nose,’ at the height of the Great Depression. Sometimes it went as far as laughing rhythmically along to the tune. She also has a firm understanding of what folk music is. Folk music, as Madame Bolduc could have told you, is not some singer-songwriter eunuch in a coffeehouse with an acoustic guitar that he named after his ex-girlfriend, but music in the traditional style of a particular culture, in her case, French-Canadian AND IRISH AT THE SAME TIME. She also has a record out, (Philo 2009, “La Bolduc”), which really seals the deal.

If I were Madame Bolduc’s boyfriend, we would walk around Quebec and talk about how the Great Depression isn’t the end of the world, and that there’s no reason not to have a "great" time. Then we’d sing "La Bastringue" together while I juggled on a street corner. We’d busk enough money to buy dinner, which would be incredibly awesome though utterly common Quebecois fare, and then we’d go home and make sweet love to the La Bolduc record.

The only problem is that she’s 95 years my senior, and she has been dead for longer than I have been alive. And you know how hard it is to get a dead girl even to give you the time of day. Oh well…

It's not too late to turn back